Create a contemporary feel with our fantastic laminate flooring range.

If you love wooden floors but could do without the extra expense, then laminate flooring may be a great option for your home.

Buckingham Flooring has a great range of laminate flooring available in our showroom.

Laminate flooring can bring kitchens and other rooms in the house to life. Particularly because of the wood grain patterns that give it a warm and natural feeling. Get the contemporary bathroom you want with tile patterns that are easy to install.

As a result, Laminate flooring will give you the freedom to create fantastic flooring for your home.

Laminate flooring is solid, durable, stain resistant and easy to clean.

First, the many available styles allow you to have greater flexibility with the design of your floor than traditional hardwood.

Second, with proper underlay, you can ensure that your laminate floors are quiet and comfortable.

Third, the low cost and ease of installation especially makes laminate floors one of the most flexible and inexpensive flooring options.

There are many laminates on the market which mimic the look and feel of real hard wood, stone and tiles.  We have a number of collections from a range of leading manufacturers with depth of finishes – glossy, high gloss and textured embossed.  With a variety of colours with the appearance and feel of:

Oakwood grain flooring

Walnut woodgrain flooring

Pine woodgrain flooring

Cherry woodgrain flooring

Maple woodgrain flooring

Walnut woodgrain flooring

Marble and Stone Flooring

These ranges offer solid planks or tiles, laminate connects with an interlocking tongue-and-groove system. Therefore, it can be removed easily to change styles, and because of this, repairs are seamless.

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